An Ionian love affair

Words: Lucy Lube

Make sure you are in a comfortable location, wherever that may be for you. Give yourself the space to touch yourself in case the inclination arises. Once you’re settled, I’d like you to take a moment to focus on your breath. Take several long, slow breaths and tell yourself to relax. As you breathe in and out, feel any tension in your toes and feet, then let it go. Slowly move your focus up your legs, move up your calves and thighs repeating the same inhale, tense and release.

Breathe in again, recognise any sore, tense muscles and as you breathe out, try to let the tension go. It’s OK if your mind is wandering to the future and where this story will take you. It’s OK if you’re already starting to feel a little excited.

Clench your fists, take a deep breath, and relax the whole of your arms, stretching out all the way out to your fingertips. Relax your shoulders, your back and your neck. Take another deep breath and feel the soft bed beneath you. The soft sheets on the back of your legs and buttocks.

Gently flex your whole body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, and then let it go. As you do, you’ll feel a warm flush rising from up increasingly to your breasts and neck. The spreading warmth is enveloping you and it’s time to relax your forehead and let your eyelids close. Let your mind wander and your imagination fill your thoughts.

Keep breathing and connect with my voice, let your breath synchronise with my breath and your heartbeat with my heart.

We’re ready to begin.