Body image and your pleasure

Words by: Lauren French, MSexol (Curtin) Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine

Our bodies are pretty incredible things, so why do we hate on them so much?

When body image comes up, it's always discussed in the frame of ‘not enough’; not skinny enough, pretty enough, muscly enough, or sexy enough. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others and deciding we’re coming up short! Society is always telling us what beauty standards we need to be reaching for, whether it's the heroin chic of the 90s or the super curvy big booty love we have now. The standards are constantly moving, so why are we surprised we can’t keep up? Over a year spent staring at our faces in Zoom meetings hasn’t helped anyone. Neither does mindless scrolling through Instagram, looking at filtered and retouched images that we then compare against our natural bodies. How we feel about our body can have a huge impact on our sexual self-esteem, our ability to relax during sexual intimacy and even how we allow ourselves to self-pleasure!