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Game of Lubes - the who’s, the when and the what now’s…..

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Egyptians are often thought to have been the first bunch of people to wear makeup. Under this theory, the Egyptian lust for both make-up and oral sex hit it off when ancient Egyptian folks publicised their oral expertise by coloring their lips — a practice that eventually evolved into our modern red lip classic thing that you like. Let’s not forget, everything originated from somewhere.

At Lucy, we see lube as something to enhance sexual wellness, develop conversations and as you read on, you will see that it has come a long way... Pun maybe intended but a bit soon! It's important to remember, in order to advocate for anything, we must understand the struggle to be able to appreciate the current. When you hear about what our ancestors used to use before commercial lube was invented, you’d really appreciate what Lucy Lube has to offer!

Modern-day commercial lube wasn’t invented until the early 20th century, and even then, it was a far cry from the collection of products that we know of today. There are heaps of options available today that tick all sorts of boxes—they tingle, they glide, they stride, shit they nearly do all the work if you ask them nicely. Unlike Lucy Lube, a lot of current products out there are not natural/organic; but way back, they were as natural and obscure as a doctor’s handwritten note in a free clinic.

Let’s look through this timeline at what our beautiful ancestors reckoned was hip and cool...

Olive oil

Olive oil remains one of the best and most popular condiments. Perfect for fresh salad or pasta dish, healthy and rich in natural ingredients. Turns out, olive oil has been tossing salads for years in more ways than the obvious.

Derived from black, ripened olives, olive oil is considered one of the last “fruits” harvested right before early winter’s frost. The earliest mention of olive oil as a lubricant is from 350 BC. That’s around the same time that the dildo became popular; ancient Greek dildos were made of padded leather and, yes, anointed with olive oil.

People should avoid using olive oil because it can damage latex condoms. This damage can cause these items to tear or break, increasing the likelihood of a person getting pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI).


I know you’re thinking Aquaman could keep you moist but in reality, seaweed was actually used as the main ingredient in lube. It was boiled to produce a gloopy, sticky liquid called carrageenan. Carrageenan is water-soluble, gelatinous, and slippery — or in other words, a really great lube.

(Fun fact no.2) A new study led by Rutgers clinician and researcher Mark Einstein is examining a revolutionary way to block transmission of human papillomavirus (HPV), the organism that causes 99 percent of cervical cancers, using a topical gel applied during sexual activity. The product is a personal lubricant made with a formulation of seaweed extracts commonly referred to as carrageenans.

The 1600s: Yam’s

In Japan’s Edo period (1603-1868), couples used tororo-jiru, a slick substance made by grating Chinese yams. Early Chinese condoms made from animal intestine or treated linen were often coated with a few drops of vegetable oil to facilitate penetration. Yam-i-rite?

The exact first use is not documented…. but we guess it’s been used for a while: Spit

"It's perfectly safe to supplement your own natural lubrication with saliva," explains Patti Britton, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist in California and author of The Art of Sex Coaching.

The earliest documented references to saliva as a personal lubricant were penned in the 18th-century as often being the butt of many Chinese jokes.

The 1900s

Old mate Van Horn (how fitting!!) and Sawtell in New York introduced KY Jelly in January 1904, which was later acquired by Johnson & Johnson. KY Jelly's original stated purpose was surgical lubrication, and it was often chosen by doctors because of its natural base.

Let’s not forget that around this era, Vaseline petroleum jelly was also used. It was sticky, smelly, and let’s be fair, probably very unpleasant. Thankfully, like any good idea, people sat down with a pen, paper, and an abacus and developed the product even further.

Most recently

Like any product, the more available the product the more people's preferences change. Lucy Lube prides itself on being a product that is mainly focused on the feminine side of sexual wellness.

Are we the only product out there? No.

Are we trying to change the way lube is looked by others? Yes. We are trying to destigmatise and change the thought that lube is there to enhance men’s sexual experience. We are shifting the taboo boundaries to show that lube is something that is enjoyed and is something that should be as common as dust on your bedside table. Are we making fun better? No - that is down to you however we are making it something that can be experienced in a different way.

Basically we want to make

good sex - great sex. Whether it's a solo

act or with friends we want Lucy Lube to

enhance and sustain your sexual wellness.

~ Words by: Alan McCarthy

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