Is this really what is best for you?

~Word by: Naomi Retman

What’s Best For Who?

Channeling Carrie Bradshaw for a minute, there has been some serious wondering going on. It seems that more often than not, following a first date, we’re left wondering whether or not we’ll engage in the act of a second. Despite how we feel about the initial encounter, all too often we’re met with friends telling us to just give it another go. But why?

Look, dating apps are mildly thrilling at the best of times, even then, what we consider to be ‘stimulating’ conversation, can feel like pulling teeth. In this virtual environment, finding a tried-and-true connection ultimately feels like mission impossible.

Let’s fast forward. Skip the swiping, both purposeful and accidental (you know, when you actually meant to go back to the last face that was on your screen but have now you’ve incorrectly swiped Jordan who is absolutely not your type.), skip the prompt reacting and dive into the date. Say it was nice. Say they were nice. Say there was a steady conversation and little to no awkward silences. The date is over, and you can comfortably turn off the live location you’ve been sharing with your friends since leaving the house. You text the group chat to let them know you’re on your way back and the barrage of questions begins!

How was it?

What were they like?

Did they look like their pictures?