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Q&A - Kumana Nights

1. Can you introduce us to Kumana Nights, explaining the concept and the impetus for creating these events?

Kumana Nights are safe, sensual, women-run play parties. Our focus is on creating an atmosphere of decadence where people can connect with other curious, open-minded, pleasure-seeking folk. Whilst there are a couple of other sexy-event options in Perth, we differentiate ours by elevating the elegance, stepping away from the “wild party” vibes, and facilitating a more down-tempo event that teases all of the senses. We are also shamelessly queer, and we prioritise exploration for women and the queer community, as well as embedding sex-positive education wherever we can.

2. We have heard that Perth, WA is the ‘swingers capital of Australia’. What are your thoughts on this?

I kind of feel like Perth was given this label, and then we were like, “Oh yeah - is that a challenge!?” There certainly are some options here if you know where to look. I guess if you live in the most isolated city in the world, you have to know how to have fun in your own backyard…

3. Can you describe the types of activities that take place at your events?

There aren’t any ‘prescribed’ activities at our events. Our guests are encouraged to take the pressure off and participate on whatever level they are comfortable. We provide them with a sensuous space with plenty of intimate low-lit nooks, a bunch of fun props and furniture to try out, steamy performances and kinky demonstrations, and attentive hosts serving libations, facilitating lush interactive experiences, or just being available for a chat. The rest is up to you…

4. How do you ensure the safety and discretion of people at your parties?

Our parties are held in private locations that are only disclosed to our ticket holders 24hrs before the event. All of our guests must be vetted, which doesn’t just involve submitting a sexy picture; we ask everyone to tell us about themselves, what kind of experience they are after, and what their understanding of enthusiastic/informed consent is. We don’t allow single cisgender men to attend our parties in groups, and photography is strictly prohibited at our events. Our events are well staffed with hosts who understand R.A.C.K (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and safe play practices and we promote responsible consumption of libations to avoid the mitigation of true consent.

5. What are the common misconceptions about sex-positive events, and how do you address them?

More and more people are becoming interested in exploring their sexuality at sex-positive events, whether that be solo or in the context of their relationship/s. We want people to know that this is OK and nothing to be ashamed of. First-timers often have a lot of nerves, but once they attend, they realise they are just amongst other ‘regular’ people just like them. A lot of friendship and community is formed through events like these. People always comment that the experience is way more wholesome than they expected.

6. What role does consent play in your parties, and how do you ensure that all participants understand and respect each other's boundaries?

Consent is absolute priority at our events! We know that most adults never received any formal education about consent, so we want to provide a very clear framework that consent is not just about the absence of a ‘no’, it needs to be freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic and specific (remember F.R.I.E.S). We provide information around this to all of our participants, and we take breaches of consent very seriously.

7. From your perspective, what's the most important aspect of creating a safe and supportive community for people exploring their sexuality?

Engage in open discussion and remove shame about sex, diversity and expression. Provide spaces and experiences that feel sexy, engaging and creative. Always be willing to learn something new, and have a sense of humour!

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